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Module A4: Risk Management & Technical Analysis

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Risk Management & Technical Analysis

  • Assessing a business using 4 effective steps: Simplify my ‘analysis-paralysis’!
  • Classify risk the right way: Which are the best sectors for me to invest in?
  • Recognize the inner workings of a business and determining their potential
  • Dissect SaaS businesses: Analyse them using 3 financial ratios which matter
  • Exploring Technical Analysis: Common mistakes, common tools which confuse more than help
  • Exploring Technical Analysis: Common mistakes, common tools which confuse more than help
  • Recognize my personal objectives: Selecting the stocks which fit my criteria and requirements
  • OFF TOPIC but Essential: Eliminate dangerous financial instruments which are counter-productive for retail investors
  • Presenting the EZ Formula in numbers: A highly effective strategy for any stock investment


  • If you are interested in stocks, commodity trading, forex, this is your channel. Understanding the intrinsic and fundamentals of how the financial markets work, and getting the most out of your investment. Unlike most platforms, we are completely independent and comprise of experienced investors and traders who use the markets as an alternative investment channel.

  • None of us here are “multi-millionaires who’s lives changed by trading”! We strictly focus on what the financial markets can provide you, with proper preparations and sound execution of your trades.

  • We do not offer “investment advice” at any point. This platform is designed to help you know what there is to know; resulting in sound decision making from you, the Investor.

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