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Module 4D : Power of Negotiation - Closing Your Deal

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Power of Negotiation: Closing Your Deal

  • What are the preparations required in order to drastically increase my chances of closing this upcoming deal?
  • How do I identify the needs and expectations of the buyer/seller to close the deal quickly?
  • How do I make my problem also the other party’s problem to enhance mutual co-operation?
  • What tips and closing strategies can I use to effectively communicate with the counterpart and CLOSE the deal?
  • What are the cost effective techniques available to make my unit highly attractive to my potential buyer (or tenant)?


  • Anyone who has an interest in understanding the real estate market, what drives the market, factors which influence pricing of residential and commercial properties, highly motivated to learn the fundamentals which can make the crucial difference between a good investment from a bad one.

  • Real Estate Agents who are managing properties for their clients in property sales or rentals can benefit from Module 4 and Module 5.

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