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Navin Jayan


The past 12 years have made me an enthusiast in multiplying money through various investment channels. I have studied and experienced avenues in real estate, stock markets as well as specific commodities of interest. My journey began at the age of 22 when I purchased my first property and invested in my first stock at the age of 25. Thanks to the existence of financial markets, a day job became an option instead of a necessity.

Today, I am a wealth management advisor by day while coaching is a passion. Real estate investment has become my go-to for exploring new and improved avenues, though stock investing and trading helps with the bills and groceries. The journey for the past 11 years has been extremely fruitful although I am equally thankful for the barricades along the way.

Investing is strictly psychological. There is no single ‘strategy’ or black and white manual which helps an investor to be successful. Most investors ‘chase’ for returns which is why the majority lose. At EffizientLink, we have built a platform solely focused on providing a helping hand to the budding and intermediate investors - to simply get better. You cast the line, and we guide you.


Magno Martin


Capital markets are my passion. The theory is fascinating, although putting the theory into practice is where the fun really began. Stock market investing and day trading started off as a science for me but has now transformed into an art. As a trader cum investor for well over 10 years, I have turned my passion into a hobby which involves coaching like-minded investors. Through years of investing, there were tough lessons to be learned. Mistakes were made, though I learned the road to success requires no destination once you become comfortable with the returns.

I hold a day job which I love and am a trader whenever I want to be. I manage my investment portfolio the way the markets have taught me and am now proud to be a part of a solid platform of experienced investors who bring us a potpourri of knowledge to benchmark our strengths along with our weaknesses.

We wish to share this experience and help those who are hungry for improvement to embrace the art of trading and ‘negotiating’ with the stock market. Take advantage of our platform in order to learn, then earn.


Rumana Juzar

Chief Quality Officer

I oversee the needs and expectations of our client base. The financial markets are constantly evolving, with shifts in patterns and political landscapes towards new grounds.Weekly reporting of consumer trends and their requirements is my focus. We manage periodic analysis of client feedback, in order to set quarterly objectives for our coaches to provide the most updated information which is broadcast via official company pages and social media channels.

Our team prides itself in taking consumer feedback very seriously. Every one of our employees and partners have specific KPIs to adhere to, which results in both qualitative and quantitative data reflecting the quality of our services.As transparency is our mantra, this data is shared at all times with our valued customer base.

My duty is ensuring consistency and reliability with regards to all information trickled down to our viewers and registered guests. If you have a complaint, it is my challenge to resolve.


Rooban Balachandran

Chief Marketing Officer

I believe in great brands reaching the right people. Understanding the requirements of our clients ties in with what we need to offer through our communication channels. As an avid marketer with more than 8 years of connecting brands to end users, my focus is on successfully bridging the gap between user experience and understanding the scope of their interest.

I oversee the website and marketing channels of EffizientLink in order to make sure our valuable members enjoy a highly interactive experience with our various interfaces, along with efficient communication with our investor platform. Follow up materials along with constant product and service updates carry a large part of our responsibilities for our end consumers. Focusing on the details within the process has proven to be an enjoyable challenge to always provide the best service possible.