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Module 3C : Loans & Financing Overview - Know Your Bank

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Loans & Financing Overview: Know Your Bank

  • What are the advantages of financial leverage and how do I make use of it?
  • How do I successfully increase the chances of getting my loan approved?
  • - What are the factors which could positive affect my loan eligibility?
  • How would my local market evolve in the future in regards to LTV (Loan To Value)?
  • Maximising all services offered by the bank to capitalise on my investment
  • What do I require as an employee (or an employer) to strike a loan approval?
  • What is the mechanism used by a bank when evaluating me? How do I use this information to my advantage?
  • When my loan application gets rejected, how do I prevent this for future applications?
  • What are the factors to consider in loan application when matching it with my chosen investment strategy?
  • Exploring the crucial questions to ask my bank during the entire application:approval process


  • Anyone who has an interest in understanding the real estate market, what drives the market, factors which influence pricing of residential and commercial properties, highly motivated to learn the fundamentals which can make the crucial difference between a good investment from a bad one.

  • Real Estate Agents who are managing properties for their clients in property sales or rentals can benefit from Module 4 and Module 5.

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